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Welcome to Go Trail - Madeira Running Tours!

All of us at Go Trail Madeira are passionate about mountain and adventure.

We love running but our true passion are the mountains. Being into the unknown, to the hills, in the sun, under the rain, day or night. Watching the sunrise and the sunset, being above the clouds. Setting heart and mind free, feeling alive… 


Our mission is to combine running and walking with the will and joy of exploring and discovering the island in an incomparable way, encouraging it’s practice and making accessible to anyone. 


By forming small groups, led the all course by a experienced and certified mountain guides, we work so that you have a unique, safe, comfortable and worry free experience.



Go Trail Madeira is recognized as a Nature Tourism company by ICNF - Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas (Nature and Forest Conservation Institute).



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