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Tired of Boring Gifts?
We have the gift card for your family and friends, the ideal present for any special occasion. You can choose from easy to advanced running tours or just go wild and offer a full running week trip. There’s something for everyone.

Why Gift Cards?

Available in any amount, the purchase process is easy, simple and safe. Gift cards are e-mailed directly to the recipient and they never expire!

How Much Should I Give?

Our most popular running package is the 'Weekend Running Break'. It is priced at 192€ per person.


Our most popular Daily Running Tours  are ‘Conquer the Summit’ and ‘Larano – The Lost World Experience’. They’re priced at 60€ per person.

How Do I Buy One?

It's very easy and simple! Just use the form on the right hand side of this web page and follow the purchase instructions.

How Do I Redeem It?

Provide us your redeem code when booking a running tour or package available on the website.


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