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Duration: 4 - 5 hrs

Distance: 25 km

Ascent: 1000 m

Running gear: Comfortable running clothes and shoes

Trail Type:





Starting at the white sandy beach of Machico we starting the ascent of Pico do Facho to contemplate its magical views over Machico bay and valleys. We’ll quickly see ourselves running Machico’s Levada towards Boca do Risco. From there on, the views over the ocean and the green that compose the high ground over us, will set the tone for our climb to Funduras.

There, we’ll run deep inside the forest singletracks until we reach Degolada, a steep downhill singletrack challenge, that will put your quads to the test.

This last downhill lead us to Vereda do Larano. With sea in one side and mountain in the other, we get to run some good 8 Kms in a Jurrasic Park movie set like scenario.

At the end of Vereda do Larano we’ll start our way back to Levada de Machico with its gorgeous views over the city and end up this cool cinematographic running experience. 

We end this amazing adventure with a dive in the ocean.



What´s included

  • Local running guide

  • Transfers from hotel to activity and back

  • Personal insurance

  • HD Photo/Video Package

  • Awesome running adventure







🇨🇭🇳🇴 Epic Epic Epic Larano Trail Run
⛰️✨ Cruising around Machico's outskirts.
🇸🇪🌿Still plenty of trails to explore
💢Back to trails with a 18 Kms tour acro
📸⚠️ CAUTION_ The Go Trail Mob strikes a
📸 Well worth the picture, this morning
😁 The last of the Mohicans run took pla
✨Proudly sharing the best trails in the
What a day to run Larano.
21 Kms from Machico to Boca do Risco, Funduras and Larano!! Like most kids, we do enjoy a good muddy
🔝💥Crashing the 'The Lost World Experience' ridges on a run done to perfection.
Let's get it on!! Running trip just starting at the northeast mountain cliffs__RUNNiNG TOURS _ MADEi
700m D+
Today our guests Svenja and Sabine discovered our 'Lost World Tour'. Here they are pushing hard up B
Northeast mountain cliffs day with Inês!! Back to one of our favourite trails__RUNNiNG TOURS _ MADEi
What a climber... it's not usual that this guys are free in the countryside
From Boca do Risco we get to explore this green valley until we reach Machico__RUNNiNG TOURS _ MADEi
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