Country: Portugal


Location: 32°38'29.8"N 16°54'45.6"W

                    970 km  southwest of Lisbon

                    685 km west of african coast


Origin: Volcanic


Dimensions:   West - East - 53.90 km

                           North - South - 23 km


Perimeter: 179Km


Area: 751Km²-


Highest Peaks:  Pico Ruivo – 1862 m  |  Pico das Torres – 1851 m  |  Pico Arieiro – 1818 m


Weather: Madeira island's climate is mild all year long (average temperature between 18°C and 24°C).


Population: about 263.000 inhabitants


Main economy activity: Tourism

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Laurissilva: UNESCO - World Natural Heritage


Laurissilva is a primitive forest formation with subtropical characteristics that only exists in the Atlantic archipelagos of Azores, Madeira and Canary. The last glaciers periods lead to its disappearance in all European continent.


In Madeira, the Laurissilva forest totals 20% of the all islands area, with endemic species such as the barbusano, loureiro, til and vinhático.

It is in Madeira island that this forest has the largest and well preserved extension, being considered since 1999 by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.


If you love nature and have the curiosity in observing from close range this impressive forest, you may do it with us in some of our guided tours.



Madeira Island is just 1:30hrs away from Lisbon, by airplane. Major companies fly to Madeira everyday.


Major companies that fly to Madeira

Lufthansa, Thomas Cook Airlines, EasyJet, Transavia, Thomson, TUI Fly, Condor, JET2, Aigle Azur, Arke Fly, Edelweiss Air, Finnair, Luxair, TAP, SATA.



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