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Premium Running Yoga Retreat in the Island of Eternal Spring 

What's included:

  • From single participant to bigger groups

  • 4 or 7 Nights at relaxing luxury hotel

  • 4 to 6 running days

  • 4 to 6 yoga sessions

  • Spa Treatment (Jacuzzi, Sauna, Gym)

  • Airport transfers

  • Breakfast & Dinner

  • Easy to advanced running program

  • Beginner to advanced Yoga

  • Certified mountain guides

  • Certified Yoga instructor

  • Shuttle to/from trails

  • Activity insurance

  • HD Photo & Video Package



  • Daily yoga sessions designed especially for runners program

  • Ultimate relaxation in mountain immersed luxury 5 star hotel.​

  • Carefully chosen nutritious, healthy meals (vegan, vegetarian, fish or meat options)​

  • New trails in different parts of the Island everyday adaptable running program to meet runners different levels.​

  • Retreats starting every week


Price per person:

8 days / 7 nights Program:

  • Single Room - €1.995

  • Twin/Double Room - €1.495


5 days / 4 nights Program

  • Single Room - €1.140

  • Twin/Double Room - €855


Day 1 - Arrival - Weekly Briefing

After picking you up at the airport we’ll check into our accommodation on an exclusive and refined environment in communion with nature. We’ll gather for our retreat briefing after which we’ll head outside for a relaxed run (road running). After our run, you’ll have some free time to freshen up before dinner.

Time running: 1 hour


Day 2 - Larano – The Lost World Experience

Setting off from Machico outskirts, we’ll quickly see ourselves running Machico’s Levada towards Boca do Risco. From there on, the views over the ocean and the green that compose the high ground over us, will set the tone for our climb to Funduras. There, we’ll run deep inside the forest single tracks until we reach Degolada, a steep downhill single-track challenge, that will put your quads to the test. ​ This last downhill lead us to Vereda do Larano. With sea in one side and mountain in the other, we get to run some good 8 Kms in a Jurassic Park movie set like scenario. ​ At the end of Vereda do Larano we’ll start our way back to Levada de Machico with its gorgeous views over the city and end up this cool cinematographic running experience.

We’ll warm up with a hot lunch, then have some free time before our first Yoga session.

Evening Yin Yoga: passive practice that creates flexibility without strength, we hold the poses for 3 to 5 minutes in stillness, aiming to release the tension in the muscles, connective tissues, especially the fascia, while concentrating on the physical, mental and emotional sensations that arise in each pose. It is a great preparation for a meditation..

Time on Trail: 2 - 3 hours

Day 3 - Fanal Green Mist

Day 3 starts with a pre-breakfast Yoga session - Morning Gentle Flow: active practice where we move slowly, holding each pose for a few soft breaths, to create some energy in the body, muscle activation while lengthening with awareness.

The run itself starts at the ancient Fanal’s Forest Support house and will take us through that same trail towards Estanquinhos, way up at the Paul the Serra plateau. This single-track trail crosses Madeira Laurel and Heather Forest. It’s a constant up and down run, challenging at times and most of all, it’s filled with views over the Ribeira da Janela Valley, the longest in the island with a total extension of 13Kms. We end our run at this green field of Madeira Laurels, usually populated with herding cows.

Time on trail: 2 – 3 hours

Day 4 - Encumeada - Tunnels & Waterfalls

Encumeada is this running adventure starting point. ​ Following the Levada do Norte path, with its stunning views over Ribeira Brava’s Valley, we’ll reach our first long tunnel cross. These 250 meters of hand-made tunnel will take us to the north face of this mountain that holds a big portion of Madeira’s Laurissilva Forest. ​ After yet another tunnel crossing and some 2 km’s we start our ascent towards Paredão. ​After another fun run moment we reach Levada da Serra that will get us to ‘Pinaculo’, a point of interest that then will take us to the south face of the mountain once again. ​ Although we’ve already passed through countless waterfalls at this point, these next few ones won’t have much trail path to avoid the water, and some shower will be inevitable. A cooling, refreshing and much welcomed adventure finish, after the kms we’ve already put in.

Evening Yang/Yin: a mix of active and passive pratice, we will move to then relax.

Time on Trail: 3 hours 

Day 5 - São Lourenço's Playground

After breakfast, we have a 25-minute drive to Caniçal, the eastern most point of the island. Having Caniçal as background, this tour is all about the symbiosis between mountain, ocean and having a lot of running fun. We'll get to reach the farthest eastern point in Madeira island, through the beautiful Baia D’abra’s trails until we reach Pico do Furado. From the start until we get to Sardinha's house and the viewpoint up above it's about 5 kms. An amazing running experience where the camera is as important as the shoes you're wearing. A nice swim in the ocean is advised as well.

Evening Hatha + Pranayama: traditional practice, also active as requires muscle engagement. Encourages the body to lengthen and creates flexibility and strength simultaneously. We take time to focus on each pose individually, taking rests in between them to reset and prepare for the next one. Pranayama: is expansion and extension of the breath, by the use of different techniques, that means longer and slower breaths, that also have a cleansing effect in the body.

Time on trail: 2 hours

Day 6 - Conquer the Summit

After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll drive out to Pico Areeiro. We'll head towards Pico Ruivo, The Summit, the highest peak in Madeira, and 3rd highest in Portugal. A true challenge, only for the brave. For those who really want to put their skills to the test. But let's not be fooled by the "short" 12 Kms. It’s a constant up and down with gorgeous views over the great central massif in direct contact with endemic fauna and flora. We're put to the test in one of the most demanding but beautiful section of Madeira's 'Ultra Trail World Tour' race

Evening Restorative yoga + yoga nidra: same as Yin Yoga but we take more support of the props to feel even more relaxed. Yoga nidra contain several relaxation techniques based on the breath, body scan, visualization.

Time on trail: 2,5 – 3.5 hours

Day 7 - Poiso - Laurissilva & Ponds

Starting at Poiso Shelter house we will have our first 6 kms of warm up on a downhill section along mountain biking single tracks. An incredible running start with views over the valley that ends up in Porto da Cruz seashore. But this run is all about green forest far away from the ocean. Once we get to Levada do Furado we head towards Ribeiro Frio and along this 8 Kms of amazingly beautiful scenario we will be welcomed with gorgeous waterfalls and natural ponds. For the bravest, this cool ponds are the epic place for a dive. ​ After reaching Ribeiro Frio's shelter we start a comfortable but challenging climb towards Chão das Feiteiras where sheep are herd and the barns are located. A cool green plateau run just before we face our last km to the finish line.

Evening Yin/Yang: we will start slow and then build up some energy so you can enjoy your last dinner (awaked) in Madeira Island and I´ll join you for that.

Time on trail: 2,5 –  3 hours

Day 8 - Departure

Goodbyes and transfer to the airport. 


I’m a Portuguese Yoga teacher whose Yoga journey began in Lisbon in 2014 when I began practising Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. At the time I was a lawyer and had been for almost 8 years, but I always had the sense that something was missing. Yoga had an immediate impact on me, so much that I decided to quit my job and the financial security that it gave me, to follow my passion for this practice and to dive into the unknown.

I went to Goa in India, where I completed a 200 hours teacher training of Mix Style Yoga, in March 2015, at Siddhi Yoga School. In May, I started teaching Hatha Yoga classes in Rishikesh (North of India, also known as the capital of Yoga). I also worked as an assistant in the Yoga classes of Siddhi Yoga School in Dharmshala, in June 2015.

I moved to Bali at the end of July 2015, where I ended up working for a surf camp called Lapoint Surf Camp as a Yoga Teacher and Social host, followed by 4 months in Sri Lanka and 6 months in Costa Rica, teaching Yoga and managing the surf camp.

In November 2016, I went back to India to work for a surf and Yoga retreat called Soul&Surf, as a Yoga teacher and booking manager. Since then, I have been spending my time between India and Sri Lanka, where I teach at Yoga Retreats, Surf Camps, Private Villas, Hotels and Hostels.

I completed my 50 hours of Yin Yoga course in November 2017, in Varkala and 300 hours of Vinyasa/Ashtanga yoga course, in Rishikesh, both in India.

In July 2019, I hosted my first Yoga Retreat, called “Awareness for Wellbeing”,with a dear friend of mine, in the enchanted Casa de Pascoaes, in Amarante, north of Portugal.