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1. The following conditions set the relationship between Go Trail Madeira and the Customer.

2.  Go Trail Madeira is a registered trademark - process number 559669 - INPI – Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial.

3. Booking an activity requires knowledge and acceptance of these conditions.

4. Go Trail Madeira assures a third-party insurance and personal accident insurance according to Article 46 of Regional Legislative Decree Nº 30/2008/M, on the 12th August 2008. According to Portuguese law all participants are covered by Go Trail Madeira insurance.

5. Go Trail Madeira is a touristic animation company licensed under "Alvará" Nº 244/2018, issued by Regional Tourism Bureau, authorizing all activities held by Go Trail Madeira.

6. It is customer responsibility to ensure that he/she are in good health conditions, for the practice of the activities.


7 An extra fee is applied when the pickup is done outside the Funchal area.

8. Go Trail Madeira reserves the right to cancel any activity, reimbursing customers after deducting the expenses of organizing the activity.

9. Go Trail Madeira will not refund costumer who don’t show up to activities.

10. Activities may be cancelled in the following circumstances:

  • Due to adverse weather conditions

  • Due to not being met the minimum safety conditions.

  • Due to reasons beyond our reach: mudslides, wars, conflicts, strikes etc...

  • Are not fulfilled the conditions agreed between each other.

11. Customers are responsible for their individual behavior. Should the integrity and safety of the group be compromised by any customers action, they may see their participation denied for the rest of the activity.

12. Go Trail Madeira is not responsible for any accidents occurred due to costumers careless or disregard behavior.


13. Personal objects are in the care of its owners, Go Trail Madeira is not responsible for any lost object during the activity.

14. Customers give Go Trail Madeira all rights in the audio and video material gathered during the activity and allow its use for promotional purposes.




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