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Spectacular Scenic Trails:

Discover breathtaking landscapes as you traverse rugged mountain trails, coastal paths, and lush forests, offering a diverse and stunning backdrop for your runs.



Go Trail Madeira self-guided trail running trips are the perfect choice when you just want to get to the trails and run at your own pace and comfort. For when you want to travel alone or in small groups. When it better suits you.

Our packages take a lot of your work out of planning and the uncertainty out of running a new route in an unfamiliar area, which can save you time and frustration.

You don’t have to figure out how to get there, where to stay, which trails are best, how to make reservations, transport of luggage or arrange for other logistical support.

We craft our self-guided itineraries to fit your individual interests and abilities and provide you with the information you will need to start your running adventure with confidence.

On arrival, we will provide you with a trip briefing including detailed running program, complete with a run profile, maps, water points and GPS Files.

PAckage / PRice

Hotel Girassol

-8 days / 7 Nights / 6 Running days

  Total running distance: 132 Km

  Total ascent: 8000m D+

Price per person:

  Shared Room - 780€

  Single Supplement - 260€


Programs are adjusted to meet guests running level

Day 1

Arrival at Madeira Airport and transfer to Porto Moniz village where you will spend the night.

Day 2

Distance: 25 Kms; Elevation: +1800m

➧  Start: Porto Moniz

➧  Finish: Seixal

Day 3

Distance: 23 Kms; Elevation: +2700m

➧  Start: Seixal

➧Finish: São Vicente

Day 4

Distance: 25 Kms; Elevation: +1950m

➧  Start: São Vicente

➧  Finish: Nuns Valley

Day 5

Distance: 25 Kms: Elevation: +1900m

➧  Start: Nuns Valley

➧  Finish: Poiso

Day 6

Distance: 17 Kms: Elevation: +600m

➧  Start: Poiso

➧  Finish: Porto da Cruz

Day 7

Distance: 17 Kms: Elevation: +350m

➧  Start: Porto da Cruz

➧  Finish: Machico

Day 8

Airport Transfer - Departure


Our Self-Guide Running Holiday program includes 8 days, 7 nights and 6 running days crossing the island starting in the eastern village of Porto Moniz and finishing in Machico following most of the iconic 'MIUT®-Madeira Island Ultra Trail' path.

We partner with small hotels like Euro Moniz and Salgueiro in Porto Moniz (night 1-3) and Hotel Dorisol in Funchal (night 4-7) and all breakfasts are included.

Porto Moniz is a small picturesque village known for its natural lava pools. It has a supermarket and several different restaurants. Funchal is the capital of Madeira; you'll be surrounded with all facilities.

Once your booking is confirmed the following material is provided: all GPS track files (.gpx), detailed itinerary, weekly program, as well as a .pdf booklet with additional very relevant information and details.

All necessary transfers are included: Airport transfer + shuttle to trails and back. The daily transfer program is sent with the booklet.

A GPS (not provided) is mandatory as it will be the main source of information regarding the running path. We suggest bringing a reliable, quality GPS device/watch from either Garmin, Suunto or Coros.

Note: If your gps device has a live track feature option, we encourage you to allow us an access link during the effective time you'll spend on the trails  i.e.: Garmin's LiveTrack

As for the luggage transfer, the morning you are moving on from Porto Moniz, you'll leave your luggage in reception using a ‘Go Trail – Madeira Running Tours’ luggage transfer label. This way you just take your running gear to the trails.

24/7 assistance (also for reporting departure and arrivals each running day) via WhatsApp or phone.

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